An Ancient (1800's) Accurate Scientific System based off formulas, structures, patterns, symbols and mathematics that reveals hidden insights about you and your life! - $300 for 60 minutes


With influences from astrology and numerology. It is not a psychic reading where one uses different methods. This system is able to reveal many insights about you along with periods and dates that it will happen! It was developed in the 1800's as "coveted" or "privileged" information that only a few knew of at that time. Now, thanks to my teacher and mentor, Robert Lee Camp, it is now coming about and being revealed. These hidden insights will assist you in making life decisions that will help you move towards a brighter future. I am here to help you put your mind at ease, call me!



Elizabeth offers individualized Consultations in Love and Destiny Card Readings, Relationship Readings- Business, Family, Private and Group sessions, and Classes on the Cards.



Card Science- Symbols, Characteristics, and Traits


Thirteen is a timing of nature. There are thirteen moons in a year. Thirteen weeks in a season. Four quarters times thirteen is fifty- two. Fifty-two weeks in our year as it relates to our calendar. There are also fifty-two cards in a deck of playing cards. This is a scientific mathematical system that has many layers to it. It is fascinating to learn the science behind the symbols, characteristics and traits of our world that we live in today. Once one understands their own attributes and who they are in this card system it allows oneself to apply the energy to make oneself a better person in their mind, body and spirit.



Artist Way Journaling


This is a process of “skimming” the brain of thoughts we have continuously in our brain. It allows for our creative side to come into play and expand ourselves with a simple, easy, timeless process. One will discover the ability to connect to their higher self and feel better by getting out old thoughts and creating space for new thought, inspiration and creativity. It is a way to give back to yourself and spirit with complete freedom. We are creating a sacred space of non-judgement during this process. This truly is a way of journaling to allow yourself to be free from all the rules and judgments of writing, spelling, worry, fears, neatness, etc. and just allowing your best self to come forth.



Callahan Tapping Technique


Issues that can be addressed:


  • clear phobias

  • pain

  • addictions

  • unhealthy habits

  • beliefs

  • grief

  • mental blocks

  • balance the energetic systems



Concepts and Information:


Over 5000 years ago the Chinese discovered a mapping of the energetic pathways in which the energy travels in our bodies, known as meridians. This is where our “chi” or “life force” travels in our intricate electrical system in our bodies to give one physical and emotional balanced health. This technique is different than acupuncture yet uses the same meridians, and its affects are similar. Thoughts and beliefs cause physical and emotional responses in our bodies. It can cause our bodies to raise in blood pressure, anxiety, pulse, relax etc. which can cause our systems to become imbalanced or balanced. When the energy systems are brought back into balance it allows elimination of negative or unhealthy reactions and/or behaviors. This particular technique allows the energetic system to go back into balance. While the memory of a past trauma still exists, the emotional response is eliminated.


Overall we are using the order of tapping to calm the mind/body/ spirit down. It pulls the energy out of our thinking brain, head, to a calm balanced state. It allows the “stuck” energy, Chi, or habits residing in our subconscious to become un-stuck and move into a more positive balanced state.