EC Stretch

EC Stretch just as it sounds EASY STRETCH!

We want you to feel lengthened, in better posture and be able to feel free in your body without much effort!


One needs to give little effort as we stretch You!!! This was created out of what we do in Tru-Balance sessions and with our Clients requesting this so much that we created this special opportunity. We love assisting others that we decided to offer this as just a 20-25 minute session to help you! Come in and see for yourself how you feel with one just one session with our EC Trained Stretch Instructors! You will go from feeling Yucky to Yummy in just 20-25 minutes!!! We will stretch you from the base of your body to the top of your head! We are skilled in using active isolated stretching, PNF stretching and in knowing/seeing correct alignment to help you achieve lengthened muscles in the right alignment to achieve better posture and feeling more free and at ease with your body. It’s easy for you and takes just a little time and effort! We will look forward to seeing you, feeling lengthened and feeling better as you walk out happier!‚Äč

Pricing for EC Stretch

Pay as You Go EC Stretch Sessions:


5 EC Stretch Sessions: $214.00

10 EC Stretch Sessions: $415.00



20 EC Stretch Sessions: $793.00



30 EC Stretch Sessions: $1148.00





/30 min session