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I fell in love with Pilates seven years ago. After years of struggling with issues concerning weight, eating and other addictions, I became involved in recovery. I released 116 pounds and have kept it off for over 5 1/2 years. Now, at age 60, I live my life free of those things that once held me back.  I believe in miracles!I am a breast cancer survivor. I am devoting my life to health and wellness through nutrition, exercise and a spiritually-based program. I feel strongly about the body, mind, spirit connection which is something that originally attracted me to Tru-Balance Pilates studio. I thoroughly enjoy helping others who wish to get and stay fit. Through the experienced instruction, dedicated training, and caring encouragement I've received from Elizabeth Cassidy and Dixie Mills, I am certified as an instructor at Tru-Balance and working toward my national certification. I also teach Pilates Fundamentals for Beginners at the Central YMCA in San Jose.




In 2011, I injured myself working out.  I wanted to find a way to rehab myself and make myself stronger which lead me to Pilates. Pilates has not only given me strength and flexibility but the body awareness that I need for injury prevention. I love sharing what I've learned in Pilates like fixing muscle imbalances, improving flexibility and lengthening, and showing how these are important to one's health. To me Pilates is more then a workout, it's more then a rehab tool, it's a part of my lifestyle. 



Margot has been a devoted student of Pilates for over 15 years, having started Pilates after a car accident left her with chronic back and shoulder pain. Recognizing the physical and mental benefits of her practice, she decided to become an instructor to share the incredible benefits of Pilates to others. She studied under Elizabeth Cassidy and Dixie Lee Mills to become an instructor, and has spent the past 3 years teaching students of all ages and abilities. She has helped her students increase strength and flexibility, rehabilitate injuries and treat the symptoms of chronic conditions such as scoliosis, sprains and strains, overuse, and arthritis. Margot’s philosophy is that everyone can benefit from Pilates, and a consistent practice makes for a strong, flexible, balanced body and peaceful mind.






Elizabeth Cassidy, Founder of Tru-Balance, and Nationally certified Pilates instructor, has been in business for over two decades in Silicon Valley. Over the years, Tru-Balance has received numerous awards such as Best of Silicon Valley, Best of Trainers, Best Small Business etc... Elizabeth’s clientele includes Olympic synchronized swimmers, celebrities: such as Taylor Swift and her dancers, CEO's, sports teams, fire fighters, police officers, medical practitioners, and hospital staff. Elizabeth began her career in health and wellness as a Nutrition major in college and then began her Pilates training with Madeline Black in 1998. Since then she has combined several Pilates styles to achieve optimum strength, flexibility and balance. In 2011, she created a Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training certification at Tru-Balance so that she would enhance the Pilates field with exceptional teachers as well as allow other teachers the opportunity to become Nationally certified. In 1999 Elizabeth studied the brain waves and how they apply to our habits, behaviors, and the state of mindfulness meditation. In 2000 she became a reiki practitioner to help facilitate movement and understanding of the energy centers (chakra’s). In 2004 she went on to study Seimei as an additional facilitation of energy that is widely used in many temples in Japan. As of 2012 Elizabeth became a member of ten temples in Japan. In 2018 Elizabeth became a published author and wrote her first book, “Stretch, Strengthen, Stabilize” with Tru-Balance. Making her an expert and master in her field as well as in the mind, body, and spirit connection. Whether it is weight loss, flexibility, getting rid of back pain, strengthening the core, enhancing posture, increasing awareness of the mind/body connection, feeling the state of peace through mindfulness meditation or crystal singing bowls (sound bath), or just wanting to look and feel better Elizabeth guarantees to get you back to Tru-Balance in your mind, body and spirit.




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