Mindfulness Meditation

making waves

The brain wave spectrum divides into 5 bands with different associated states:


Beta Waves, 13-30Hz:

Conscious thought, external focus


Alpha Waves, 8-13Hz:

When we close our eyes we enter into our subconscious arena


Theta Waves, 4-8Hz:

Deep relaxation where the subconscious changes our lives


Delta Waves, 0.5-2Hz:

When sleep occurs



During successful meditation, the subject typically starts off with high beta (thinking), then experiences more alpha, followed by theta, the deepest level. After some time, the reverse process takes place, bringing the person back to beta feeling awake and refreshed, sometimes with new insights.






Re-imaging or structured visualization

 is based on the concept that "body follows thought". Visualization in a relaxed state has been identified as a tool to enhance performance and achieve goals. When used combination with balanced fitness and nutrition, re-imaging "reprograms" physical and mental habits to ensure long-term results.

Different crystal bowls make different frequencies of sound. Each bowl played in this process will address each one of our seven chakras (energy centers) of our bodies. This process of different tones creates a balance in our mind, body and spirit. The energy centers will resonate with the certain frequencies of sound and will allow one to become balanced and into a clearer, calmer state of being.

Crystal Bowl Chakra Sound Meditation