Pilates (pronounced puh-LAH-teez) is a method of physical conditioning designed to improve muscle tone, physical strength, flexibility, posture and balance. Developed over 60 years ago by Joseph Pilates, these focused and controlled movements in combination with the abdominal and spinal muscle breathing optimizes the whole being. Emphasis is placed on the quality of movement rather than the number of repetitions.


Proper and balanced nutrition is essential to achieving optimal health and fitness. At Tru-Balance you will learn how to meet your nutritional requirements in a practical manner. By learning proper portion size and food combinations.

All services are available for individuals, couples or small groups.

"Elizabeth is the best...she has significantly strengthened my core and she knows how to work all of the major muscle groups. She has helped me repair a shoulder injury and has given me useful exercises for dealing with my nagging back. She knows what she is doing and she makes it fun. I have been working with Elizabeth for over ten years and she is the best instructor I have ever had...I recommend her highly!"

- John Donahoe, Former CEO eBay

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