Crystal Singing Bowl

Sound bath

The crystal singing bowl experience (known as a "sound bath"), heal our chakras and enhance our whole body, mind, and spirit. This is the quickest and easiest way to reach the mindfulness meditation state as it happens naturally during the session.


Sound and music have been used for decades in healing. Research shows sound baths reduce pain, increase brain
connectivity, increase an ease of being and expedite healing.


Science has also shown this is the simplest way achieve balance in our chakras, reduce high blood pressure and de-stress from technology. We begin by offering each person an opportunity to learn and play the bowls. Then we begin playing the bowls individually, together, as well as in different patterns. If one ust wants to enjoy the experience without playing that too is just fine. This experience promotes relaxation and gives one positive and amazing feelings immediately.


$25.00 for a group session
$45.00 for a private session​